Hyundai R-Series 200hp
Hyundai Seasall R-Series 200hp Cyprus

Solenoid Common Rail Direct Injection System(CRDi) delivers 200hp and 44kg•m of torque from the 2.2 liter In-line 4 CRDI engine.
The common rail multiple injection features make the In-line 4 R-series more environmentally friendly by minimizing the emissions of particulates and NOX.
the designs optimize fuel injection and intake porting to improve combustion performance, particularly low-temperature combustion stability though lean air-fuel rationing.
This ensures that we satisfy the world’s strictest exhaust emission standards while providing the smooth, quiet and efficient power for which Hyundai SeasAll is becoming known.

Technical Descriptions ______________________________________________

| Engine
  •  Cast iron engine cylinder block
  •  Aluminum head
  •  Nine balance weight crankshaft
  •  Oil cooled pistons
  •  In-line 4, 16-valve DOHC
  •  Hydraulic lash adjusters
  •  Balance shaft
  •  Integrated water jacket
  •  Hydraulic timing chain tensioner
  •  Single serpentine belt system
  •  Drive belt auto tensioner

| Engine Mounting
  •  Adjustable engine mounts

| Lubrication System
  •  Easily exchangeable oil filter cartridge
  •  Electric oil extraction pump
  •  Seawater cooled transmmion oil cooler

| Fuel System
  •  Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDi) – Solenoid injector 2000 bar
  •  Fuel filter with sensor detecting water in fuel
  •  Electric low pressure pump
  •  Dual pressure control valve
  •  Low and High pressure fuel pump

| Electrical System
  •  12 volt system and 150A alternator
  •  Auxiliary engine stop button
  •  Glow plugs for a trouble-free cold start
  •  NMEA2000 Converter (Optional)
  •  2 Pole system (Optional)
  •  Electronic control system (Optional)

| Cooling System
  •  Seawater pump driven form V-ribbed belt
  •  Seawater cooled intercooler, heat exchanger
  •  Auxiliary connector for cabin heating
  •  Corrosion resistant material for the seawater circuit

| Engine Operating Indicator(Standard)

Hyundai Seasall - R Series 200hp - Engine Operating Indicator

  •  Engine self protection and diagnosis
  •  Display CAN information
  •  Display engine diagnostic error codes
  •  Audible alarm and control lamps

| Air Inlet system
  •  Oil wetted and reusable air filter
  •  Crankcase gas vented into the air inlet

| Exhaust System
  •  Engine coolant cooled exhaust manifold
  •  Seawater cooled exhaust elbow

| Turbocharger
  •  Electronic Variable Geometry Turbine (E-VGT)

| Noise Level
  •  EU RCD compliant

| Emissions
  •  IMO NOx Tier 2 and EU RCD compliant


Engine Type R200S R200P R200S
Propulsion system




Engine Duty Rating

Pleasure Duty (S5)


4-Stroke, 16-Valve DOHC, E-VGT with Intercooler, Fresh Water Cooling

Output [hp] (kW)

200 (147)

Rated rpm




Displacement [cc]


Bore X Stroke [mm]

85.4 X 96

Max. Torque @ rpm

44kg·m @ 2.000~2.600

Injection System

Common Rail Direct injection (CRDi) – Solenoid Injector



Engine Diagnostics


Fuel Consumption [L/h]

Max. 40

Dry Weight [kg]



Hyundai Unique

Flywheel Housing (P/J type)

Borg Warner Flange

Performance Curves

Hyundai Seasall - R Series 200hp - Performance Curves


Hyundai Seasall - R Series 200hp - Dimensions
Hyundai Seasall - R Series 200hp - Dimensions