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Cost-effective protection for your lifesaving and fire safety equipment

ToughStore storage cabinets provide a cost-effective and reliable means of safeguarding fire safety and lifesaving equipment.

Why Toughstore?
•  Durability: Toughstore cabinets are durable, strong, and resistant to environmental degradation
•  Price: the cabinets are competitively-priced – providing you with excellent value for money
•  Weather-resistance: the cabinets provide effective protection against the weather
•  Visibility: Toughstore products are manufactured in highly visible, internationally recognized colours. Many also feature a clear polycarbonate door – allowing easy identification of their contents
•  Versatility: Toughstore storage cabinets are suitable for use in waterside, commercial marine, industrial and general commercial environments
•  Customization: the ABS and polycarbonate models feature additional benefits such as tamper seals, adjustable shelves, reverse mounting.

The ToughStore range includes:
•  Fire extinguisher cabinets
•  Fire hose cabinets
•  Immersion survival suit chests
•  Life vest storage
•  Life ring cabinets
•  Breathing apparatus storage

ToughStore storage cabinets are ideal for use in waterside, commercial marine, industrial and general commercial environments.


Emergency lifesaving at sea or no land at any waterside environment requires immediate access to livesaving equipment which is both serviceable and easily accessible.
Other equipment storage in the range includes cabinets for use at sea and in vehicles.

Lifesaving Equipment Storage – Lifebuoy Housings
Emergency lifesaving at sea or on land at any waterside environment requires immediate access to lifesaving equipment which is both fully serviceable and easily accessible.

SOS400 MK2 30″ Lifebuoy Housing
These aesthetically-styled lifebuoy housings are not only adaptable to a number of different applications, with a variety of mounting and display options, but are designed to complement any waterside environment,

They protect against:
•  weather
•  accidental damage
•  vandalism and tampering and have throwing lines built into handle
•  anti-corrosion GRP legs.
•  Optional extras: poles, with or without feet; rail-mounting brackets; lifebuoy; sign and GRP clamps.

SOS601 Safety Station: Fire extinguisher plus 22-30″ lifebuoy mounting and throwing line
Aesthetically-designed combined lifebuoy housing and fire extinguisher cabinet, for marina-side use. Suitable storage for 1 x 6/9 kg fire extinguisher (and/or First Aid Kit), 22-30″ Lifebuoy and 20m throwing line, with clear Polycarbonate door for easy visibility. GRP pole.

Optional extras: 6/9 kg ABC fire extinguisher, lifebuoy with snatch grips, 20m Throwing line, first aid kit.

SOS4 30″ Lifebuoy housing
A reliable housing with optional cover. It can be wall, rail or post mounted.

SOS7 22-24″ Lifebuoy housing
Suitable for any waterside use.

Optional extras: cover; pole, with or without baseplate; stainless steel mounting brackets; lifebuoy.

Lifesaving Equipment Storage – Lifejacket Chests
Our lifejacket storage comes with the usual JoBird quality guarantees. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors in any enviroment, they are of robust construction in moulded UV-stabilised polythylene.
Depending on type, they fit up to 18 lifejackets or items of similar bulk and weight.

SOS510 Lifejacket/immersion suit chest
For storage of up to 10 lifejackets depending on type.

SOS501 Small lifejacket chest
For storage of 3 immersion suits or 3 lifejackets depending on type. Moulded polyethylene with rubber compound seal and optional sign. Suitable for use in any safety enviroment, weather-resistant and robust construction.

Escape Set and Breathing Apparatus CabinetsThe ToughStore product range includes storage for breathing apparatus and an escape set cabinet (EEBD) for shipboard emergencies. These cabinets provide safe and visible storage of emergency breathing apparatus.

EBBDs are now mandatory on all sea-going vessels.

SOS100 Escape set (EBBD) cabinet
For storage of one 15-minute emergency escape set breathing apparatus, with tag seal facility and optional alarm.

SOS200BA Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) cabinet
For storage of safety equipment. With clear polycarbonate door and optional door alarm, extra shelves and clipfor BA set.

Fire Extinguisher and Hydrant Equipment Storage
With their clear doors and robust construction, the SOS101 and SOS201 ranges are especially effective against accidental or deliberate misuse in public buildings, such as schools, offices, hospitals or leisure facilities.

Special features include:
•  Anti-microbial finish (optional)
•  Clear door for easy inspection
•  Aesthetic design
•  Strong Polycarbonate and ABS construction
•  Quick-release catch
•  Optional alarm or security seal
•  Indoor or outdoor use
•  Reduced maintenance

SOS101 closed copy SOS201 copy SOS201H FireHose closed copy SOS12 copy

SOS101 Single Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

SOS201 Double Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

SOS201H Double Fire Hose Cabinet

SOS12 Single Fire Hose Cabinet

Design to hold 1 x 9kg/9l extinguisher

Design to hold 2 x 9kg/9l extinguisher

Design to hold 2 x 23m hoses

Designed to hold 1 x 18-20m fire hose and nozzle