Drive2 PTV AC

Yamaha - Golfcars - Drive2 PTV AC

Drive2 PTV AC

2019 Golfcars

Take the smart option

Sometimes it’s good to choose the smart option. And things don’t come any easier or more luxurious than a ride in the latest PowerTech AC Drive2.

As soon as you step in to this luxury PTV you’ll feel relaxed in the plush and spacious interior. An automotive style dashboard features plenty of storage and convenient USB ports – while the intuitive controls make this so easy to operate.

But what will really amaze you is the smooth, strong and silent power produced by the all-new AC motor. Delivering more performance than any other electric model, the Drive2 is the smart way to get around resorts and estates – or any other place where you need to move quickly and quietly.


•  Class-leading 48V AC electric motor
•  Sleek new body style and bold new colours
•  Spacious automotive style dash with extra storage
•  Modular body with best in class occupancy space
•  LED headlights and flashers
•  Premium 10-inch tyres
•  Yamaha built charger
•  Tru-Trak II independent front suspension
•  Light and strong HybriCore chassis
•  Maintenance free rack-and-pinion steering
•  ClimaGuard top with dual gutters
•  Largest contoured seat in the industry


Yamaha - Golfcars - Drive2 PTV AC

Drive2 PowerTech AC

The Drive2's high-efficiency AC electric motor is one of the most sophisticated and powerful designs in its class. Producing up to 44% more power than the competition, the Drive2 delivers a silky smooth ride together with the best range and performance - making this whisper quiet, zero emissions vehicle suitable for every environment.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Drive2 PTV AC

Powerful LED headlights

This luxury PTV is built to move you 24 hours a day. And the first time that you take the Drive2 out after dark you'll be amazed at the power and width of the brilliant LED headlight beams. Producing double the brightness of conventional halogen lamps and using less than half the energy, the LED system shows the way ahead!

Yamaha - Golfcars - Drive2 PTV AC

Dual USB ports

The Drive2 has been designed to offer the ultimate driving experience, and to ensure that phones and tablets are kept charged, the large automotive style dashboard is equipped with two USB ports. A storage bin with a non-slip mat is the ideal place for devices, and there's plenty of space for carrying personal items.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Drive2 PTV AC

Large automotive style dash

The Drive2 is built to satisfy the needs of a wide range of users, and features a large automotive style dashboard with increased carrying space anfor drinks and snacks in its central area - together with additional storage compartments for keys, wallets or mobile devices.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Drive2 PTV AC

Practical and durable modular body design

The Drive2's modular body design makes it easy to own and maintain, enabling commercial operators to minimize any down time and increase profitability. A large rear panel gives easy access to the engine for routine maintenance, and the rugged bumpers and durable body panels are built to ensure optimum strength and durability.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Drive2 PTV AC

New bodywork and enhanced interior

With its restyled bodywork and range of bold new colours, the Drive2 is the most attractive and luxurious Yamaha PTV we've ever built. Offering the most spacious interior and best legroom in the business, the Drive2 also comes with the widest seats on any model, making the the most luxurious model in its class.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Drive2 PTV AC

Supreme comfort seat

The industry's largest and most comfortable seats feature deep, supportive contours that help to hold occupants in place while on the move. With their generous legroom and spacious interiors, the Drive2 models are designed to accommodate users of all heights and sizes, to ensure that every player enjoys their day to the maximum.

Yamaha - Golfcars - Drive2 PTV AC

Tru-Trak II fully independent front suspension

Yamaha's maintenance free Tru-Trak II suspension is fully independent at the front, and this advanced design uses automotive-style, coil-over shock struts to minimise roll for a smooth, comfortable ride.

Technical specifications

Power supply/Drive train

Output rating
5.0kW at60minutes
48 volt AC Motor
Six 8-volt Trojan T875 Batteries


Overall length
2,378 mm
Overall width
1,200 mm
Overall height (no sun top)
1,823 mm
Wheel base
1,640 mm
Front wheel tread
883 mm
Rear wheel tread
988 mm
Minimum ground clearance
139 mm


Automotive style HybriCore™ Chassis, polyester/urethane powder topcoat
Thermoplastic olefin, 2-part top coat of automotive-grade polyurethane
Self-compensating double reduction helical rack-and-pinion
Front suspension
Tru-Trak II™ fully independent automotive-style strut suspension
Rear suspension
Strut suspension
Self adjusting rear drum
Front & rear 8 km/h energy-absorbing bumpers


Maximum forward speed
Turning radius
2.9 metre


Tyre size
215/60-8 DOT (4-ply rating)
Seating capacity
2 persons