Yamaha Spraypaint Filling Primer (400ml)


Yamaha Spraypaint Filling Primer - YMM-30400-FP - Yamaha
Yamaha Spraypaint Filling Primer
CODE: YMM-30400-FP
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Timely removal of scratches and other forms of damage prevents rust formation and keeps an outboard in tip-top condition. Aerosols featuring the genuine Yamaha colours and various primers make it easy to eradicate any damage quickly and professionally. This high quality, durable Yamaha paint has been developed specially for marine applications and guarantees the best possible colour match.

Yamaha recommends using Zinc Primer on bare steel and Filling Primer to cover scratches, before applying colours. Please make sure that the surface is rust, dust and grease-free. After the right colour has been applied, Top Coat should be used for a long lasting finish.

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