Yamalube® Fork Oil 5W, 10W, 15W (500ml)


Yamalube® Fork Oil 5W - YMD-65049-01-21 - Yamaha
Yamalube® Fork Oil 5W, 10W, 15W
CODE: YMD650490120 / YMD-65049-01-21 , YMD650490130 / YMD-65049-01-31 , YMD650490140 / YMD-65049-01-41
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Yamalube® Fork Oil is specially formulated to meet Yamaha’s high standards and is reinforced with additives to provide consistent suspension protection for safer and precise handling.

• Semi-synthetic formula
• Anti-friction additive ensures smooth sliding, avoiding drag in the fork
• Consistent absorption in an extended range of temperatures, thanks to high quality base stocks
• Protects and preserves seals: excellent oil / elastomer compatibility
• High and stable viscosity index
• Specially designed for any type of conventional as well as up-side-down forks
• Available in 5W – light, 10W – medium and 15W – heavy viscosities

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